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How to build a strong brand

Unlocking Success: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Build a Strong Brand (Part II)

"Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touchpoints."
- Jonah Sachs

In our previous post titled "How to Unlock Success: A Guide to Building a Strong Brand (Part I)", we discussed six important steps for creating a strong brand. In this post, we will explore the remaining steps that are crucial for building a strong brand, which is a key factor in achieving success for your business.

how to build a strong brand

7- Develop a Consistent Brand Voice and Personality

Consistency is key to building a strong brand. Develop a brand voice and personality that reflects your values and resonates with your target audience. Whether it’s through your website, social media, or customer interactions, maintain a consistent tone and messaging that reinforces your brand identity and builds trust with your audience.

8- Create a Compelling Brand Story

Every successful brand has a captivating story behind it. Craft a compelling brand narrative that highlights your journey, values, and the problem you solve for your customers. A well-told story engages and connects with people, making your brand more relatable and memorable.

One example of a compelling brand story is that of Airbnb. The brand story highlights the initial struggle of the founders in affording their San Francisco apartment and how they decided to rent out air mattresses on their living room floor to make some extra income. It their mission to create a sense of belonging and connection among travelers and hosts worldwide.
Airbnb has successfully crafted a brand story that resonates with people’s desire for meaningful experiences and authentic connections while traveling.

9- Leverage Digital Platforms

In today’s digital age, utilizing online platforms is crucial for brand building. Establish a strong online presence through a well-designed website, engaging social media profiles, and relevant content marketing. Utilize search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to increase your brand’s visibility and connect with a wider audience.

For example, Glossier is a beauty and skincare brand that has successfully utilized online platforms to establish a strong presence and connect with their target audience.

They have a well-designed website that not only showcases their products but also features user-generated content and customer reviews, fostering a sense of community. Glossier’s social media profiles, particularly on platforms like Instagram, are highly engaging, featuring visually appealing content and encouraging user participation.

The brand also excels in content marketing by creating valuable and informative content through their blog and email newsletters, sharing beauty tips, product tutorials, and stories that resonate with their audience. Moreover, Glossier effectively employs search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure their brand appears prominently in search engine results, enabling them to reach a wider audience and attract new customers.

10- Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Building a strong brand goes beyond visuals and messaging; it’s about the entire customer experience. Focus on delivering exceptional customer service at every touchpoint. Personalize interactions, actively listen to customer feedback, and resolve issues promptly. By creating positive experiences, you cultivate brand advocates who will share their positive experiences with others.

Zappos, an online shoe and clothing retailer, is renowned for delivering exceptional customer experiences. With a focus on personalization and actively listening to feedback, they go above and beyond to meet customer needs. Their generous return policy and stories of going the extra mile have solidified their reputation for outstanding service in the online retail industry.

11- Build Strategic Partnerships

Collaborating with like-minded businesses or influencers can help extend your brand’s reach and credibility. Seek out partnerships that align with your brand values and target audience. By associating your brand with trusted and influential entities, you can enhance brand awareness and tap into new markets.

An example of companies building strategic partnerships is Spotify and Uber. Spotify, a leading music streaming platform, partnered with Uber, a popular ride-hailing service, to offer integrated music experiences during car rides. Through this collaboration, Uber riders can control the music played during their trips using the Spotify app, creating a personalized and enjoyable experience. This strategic partnership not only enhanced the user experience for both Spotify and Uber customers but also allowed the two brands to leverage each other’s audiences and expand their reach in the digital entertainment and transportation sectors.

12- Monitor and Adapt

Building a strong brand is an ongoing process. Regularly monitor your brand’s performance and adapt your strategies as needed. Stay updated with industry trends and customer preferences to ensure your brand remains relevant and continues to resonate with your target audience.

Netflix has successfully evolved its brand to remain at the forefront of the streaming entertainment industry. The company exemplifies the practice of monitoring and adapting its brand strategies. As a leading streaming service provider, Netflix continuously monitors viewer data and analyzes trends to understand changing preferences and consumption habits. This data-driven approach enables them to adapt their content offerings, create original programming, and personalize recommendations to cater to their diverse audience.


Building a strong brand requires time, effort, and a deep understanding of your target audience. By defining your brand identity, creating a compelling brand story, delivering exceptional experiences, and leveraging digital platforms, you can establish a powerful brand that stands out in today’s competitive market. Remember, a strong brand is an asset that will fuel your business’s growth and success in the long run.

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